Self-Care Tips for Good Mood Health!

You Cannot Pour From an Empty Cup. 

It is very important to practice healthy self-care to maintain a good mood, mental health and physical health. See 100s of ideas for self-care below. 

Scroll to the bottom to create your own Self-Care Plan!

Self-Care for Good Mood Health

Develop a Self-Care Plan

Put yourself at the top of your to-do list everyday and the rest will fall into place.​.

Use the outline and self-care ideas below to create a plan of how you will care for yourself!

How I will care for my MIND____________________________________________________________________

How I will care for my BODY____________________________________________________________________

How I will care for my SPIRIT___________________________________________________________________
Who can I trust for my SUPPORT_________________________________________________________________

My Personal GOALS_________________________________________________________________________


; Positive Affirmatio​ns

; Positive Self-talk

; Optimism

; Have Hope

; Believe the Best is Yet to Come

; Inspirational Quotes 

; Positive thinking patterns

; Healthy decision-making

; Good memories

Support System

; Family 

; Friends

; Church 

; Community Support Groups

; Online Support Groups

; Counselor

; Psychiatrist

; Teacher


; Exercise

; Walking

; Hiking

; Drink water

; Serotonin Boosting Foods

 Almonds (Magnesium)

 Walnuts (Omega 3)

 Bananas (Potassium)

Citrus (Vitamin C)

Eggs (Vitamin B12 & Vitamin D

 Leafy Greens (energy)

Green Tea (Theanine)

; Supplements

; Multi-Vitamin

; Electrolytes

; Medication


; Vacation

; Staycation

; Research and plan a trip but don't take it

; Read a good book

; Scrapbooking

; Photography

; Thrifting

; Re-decorate your space

; Spend time in nature


; Prayer

; Memorize scriptures

; Church

; Small Group

; Online Sermons

; Read Inspirational works

; Fasting

; Practice Forgiveness

; Find your Purpose


; Sleep hygiene plan

; Maintain the same bed-time

; No screens after 8 pm

; Melatonin

; OTC SleepAid

; Dark, quiet, cool room

; Limit caffeine

; Nightime Rituals

Read a book

Relaxing music

Aromatherapy Diffuser

White Noise Machine

Personal Goals

; New Year Resolutions

; Weight Loss Goals

; Professional Development

; Relationship goals

; Healthy eating plan

; Workout Plan

; Study Plan

; Daily To-Do List

; Get More Organized


; Hobby

; Say No

; Healthy Boundaries

; Take Breaks often

; Use Time-Off from work

; Deep breathing

; Manage time well

; Prioritize

; Live out your values


; Your brain craves novelty

; Reading Current Events

; Learn a New Language

; Take a course

; Audit a class

; Develop a new skill


; Smile More

; Watch Funny Videos

; Comedy Movies

; Laugh and talk with your support system

; Funny Memes

; Make someone else laugh